The GeoCAT project consists of two primary components: computational (analysis) and visualization (plotting). These components and their subcomponents are:



  • GeoCAT Fortran2python (The computational subcomponent of GeoCAT-comp that wraps, in Python, the compiled language implementations of some of the computational functions found under the GeoCAT-comp umbrella)
  • Note: Even though GeoCAT-f2py is publicly available as a software distribution, developers basing their implementations entirely in Python and/or end-users need not concern themselves with this component; instead, they should engage with GeoCAT-comp as it invisibly imports GeoCAT-f2py
  • Project homepage
  • GitHub repository
  • Installation instructions



  • GeoCAT visualization library (a collection of Python functions intended to make Matplotlib/Cartopy feel more like NCL)
  • GitHub repository


  • GeoCAT datafiles library (a collection of many data files from several file types that are used by GeoCAT-examples and possibly other GeoCAT components to test or demonstrate GeoCAT functionality)
  • GitHub repository